You might be wondering what you’re doing here!

bob-runk-300x269This may be the first time you’ve ever heard of Bob Runk.  In the world of music you could call him a late bloomer.  He writes songs, really good, different songs. Some are full of pain, some are remarkably happy; others express the melancholy of loss. Bob likes to call them “Rock” but, in the opinion of this writer (I am a former A&R guy helping Bob with his website and the effort to get this cool music heard!) these songs are not exactly “Rock.” Runk’s songs are creations you can’t pigeon hole. They do not fit my preconceived ideas of ROCK. It’s just good contemporary music from his head and from the heart.

He grew up in the 60′s and 70′s and was a part of a rapidly changing culture. Like so many kids of that time he was startled and mesmerized by the new music:  from Chuck Berry to The Beatles, which, combined with his experience of classical music, and the big band and jazz sounds of his father’s era, form the backdrop for his creativity.

In a sense, Bob did get side-tracked in that he didn’t make a career of music, but, even off the rails he’d play for his insurance biz clients. Stuff off-the-cuff in bars and clubs where they’d be “taking a break” from their busy corporate lives. A break he was lucky to get through and out the other side. He discovered people loved his impromptu tunes. In a way, he ad-libbed his way through his career. Play a song; pick up a client. Renew, drink a little more, play another tune – now where am I?

Along the line somewhere Bob gave up the drinking, retired from the career, wrote a book – about the silliness of golf – (what?) that he marketed himself and that Random House picked up.  All this and much, much more.

This guy who grew up with music all around him had all these songs floating around within. He has had to get them out and you’ll be glad he did. Bob Runk writes and records really good songs. He plays them well too. We think you’ll like them as much as we do.


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